Cozy and comforting, this smooth, woody and mild citrusy scent is infused with fir balsam oil. The solstice occurs twice a year, in the winter and summer, and is the longest day of the year. This festive scent is perfect for winter evening by the fire after spending the day in the mountains or bringing the outdoors into your home the rest of the year.


This unique scent is gorgeous just like the reddish glow often seen on the summits of mountains just before sunrise and just after sunset. A mix of natural essential oils of sage, lavandin, and orange. Alpenglow is both feminine and masculine with its rich, sweet, grassy, warm, and woodsy scent.

Mesa Apple Orchard

Ripe apple fragrance with a touch of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and orange. In the early 1900s, Mesa Orchards, located a few miles from Salubrious studios, was once one of the largest apple orchards in the world with 80,000 trees. Today, just a few trees remain, and in the early autumn you can sometimes see deer eating fruit from their branches. This is a great scent that smells like apple picking time all year around.

Idaho Wildflower

Many colorful wildflowers grow in Idaho. These flowers provide food for many birds, mammals, and insects. While most wildflowers don’t have any scent, our “Idaho Wildflower” candle is very lightly scented with a beautiful soft floral scent. This is a great candle for people that like the warm glow of a candle but don’t want an overpowering scent.

Sweet Grapefruit 

Our version of  grapefruit is citrusy and sweet with just a hint of peach and exotic mangosteen. It’s a very clean and energizing scent. We love this yummy and juicy scent and think you will too.

Idaho Syringa

The state flower of Idaho is the Syringa (Philadelphus lewisii). It’s also known as Lewis’ mock-orange. A native of North America, it was first collected by Meriwether Lewis in 1806 during the Lewis and Clark Expedition. At the height of flowering, the plant is covered in a mass of beautiful white blossoms smelling of scent similar to orange blossoms. Our version of “Idaho Syringa” captures that wonderful sweet scent.


This intriguing scent has quickly become one of our favorites. Inspired by summer and fall nights around the crackling campfire, this aroma is warm and inviting with a hint of the Idaho outdoors. This scent melds notes of smoke and rich wood into a warm union of clove, amber, and sandalwo0d.

Idaho Forest

Our Idaho forest scent will remind you of a fresh cut pine bough from an Idaho forest. This  candle is infused with pine essential oils, cedarwood, and it’s got a punchy, bright citrus note that is really pleasing. Bring the smell of the Idaho mountains into your home everyday.

Scotch Whisky

The essential aroma of single-malt Scotch whisky is unmistakable. In Scottish Gaelic it’s known as “uisge beatha,” or “water of life.” Our whisky scented candle is an intoxicating blend of potent alcohol notes, rich oak, and smoked peat. You will love this addicting scent.


Hints of mystery and intrigue combine to inspire this candle scent’s seducing woody, earthy, and salty aroma. It’s infused with natural essential oils, including cardamom seed oil and clove leaf oil. Fill your space with the airy, balanced notes of our Driftwood scented candle.

Wild Currant

Our Red Currant fragrance oil has a punchy top note of tart red currant blended with citrus and floral notes of rose and geranium. A great scent all-year-around.


4 thoughts on “Soy Candle Scents

  1. Is there any way you guys are going to be selling these online? I don’t live close to either locations and have a family friend who has two of the candles and they absolutely amazing!


    1. Lauren,

      I’m hoping to sell them on Etsy in the future. Until then, send me a personal email at and we can figure something out using paypal and I can mail them to you. Also, thank you for the nice comments about the candles. We think they’re amazing too!


  2. I checked to see if these were being sold elsewhere online! I’m looking to buy a few individually! Is there anyway this could be possible?


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